Transportation Management System TMS

Multi-Tier Replenishment

Kanban, reorder point, or MRP? No problem.

The Real Time Value Network™ accommodates every traditional replenishment policy and introduces a unique new policy. The Real Time Value Network first generates a single, integrated forecast for all channels (e.g. e-tailers, web, retail) at the SKU/item/day level of detail. Next, it automatically matches all supply and capacities needed to address actual and planned demand without introducing any nervousness into the chain.

Whether you rely on a Dynamic DOS approach, Kanban, Reorder Point, MRP, or another replenishment policy, the Real Time Value Network uses this real time demand data to plan your replenishment for every item at all consumption and stocking locations, as often as is required.

It also includes a new replenishment policy Real Time Value Network Planning™. This is demand-driven replenishment in its purest form. As before, it is based on a single order forecast that is generated for every item at every location and continuously updated with actual demand data.

Real Time Value Network Planning takes daily demand and inventory data and automatically plans replenishment while optimizing manufacturing, raw material, and transportation plans.

Replenishment at a Glance

  • Easily accommodates every traditional replenishment policy: Dynamic Days of Supply, Kanban, Reorder Point, MRP, etc.
  • Enables demand-driven replenishment to drive value throughout your organization and value chain ecosystem
  • Multi-echelon replenishment planning means every inventory location is optimized around consumer demand. You’ll achieve the highest possible service levels at the lowest possible costs.
  • Replenishment plans married to optimized execution orders— Transactions are executed automatically by the system, saving human intelligence for the exceptions

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