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Parcel Carriers

Expand Your Geographic Footprint, Enable Interlining, Increase Revenue

One Network’s cloud platform provides an end-to-end operating backbone that already supports some of the world’s largest parcel carriers.

Parcel management companies compete in a highly competitive marketplace. Customers demand low rates, on-time deliveries, and flexible shipping options—all of which can mean increased costs. Is it possible to deliver these services to customers while lowering your costs?

Competitive differentiation requires your company to have global reach. You need to plan, collaborate, and coordinate with your trading partners on different levels. You need the ability to create the most optimal plan for customer fulfillment, track shipments across multiple partner networks, and instantly share this data with your customers. However this is impossible given the technology landscape beyond your four walls.

Parcel Management Benefits

  • Increase Revenue through expansion of geographic footprint
  • Leverage existing ERP and legacy systems
  • Increase revenue through better partnerships for “interlining”
  • Higher customer service levels
  • Reduce IT, operating, transportation costs
  • Sustainability—reduce carbon footprint

Parcel Management Features

  • Global optimization
  • End-to-End visibility and tracking across your network and partner networks
  • Handheld device support
  • Load building
  • Reverse logistics
  • Contract Management and Bidding
  • Analytics, Score carding

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