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End-to-end solution for the 3PL and 4PL industry

“One Network’s next-generation Demand Driven Logistics suite was a principal component of our integrated solution proposal. Their advanced optimization capabilities, coupled with a powerful network-based architecture played a fundamental role in the successful deployment of this mission-critical technology platform for DTCI.”ResolveAndy Dyer, VP Government Services, Menlo
In today’s world of outsourced operations, Third Party Logistics providers (3PL’s), Fourth Party Logistics providers (4PL’s), and other logistics service providers need to have broader supply chain offering to be able to meet the demands of their customers. These demands stretch far beyond just traditional logistics into outsourcing complete fulfillment operations, not only from the customer but also directly from other trading partners in the customer’s supply chain.

These offerings need to be able to be driven by a demand signal offering a demand driven service which reacts instantaneously to shifts in demand and supply. This creates new opportunities to offer an optimized supply chain multi-party fulfillment service versus just a transportation and warehousing service.

3PLs and 4PLs Can Offer Enhanced Services

By connecting to One Network’s cloud platform, logistics providers can provide a more valuable service across all trading partners, taking demand from the forward most source and coordinating all downstream fulfillment requirements.

Our solution provides full end-to-end visibility from order to delivery across any number of trading partners, order and shipment optimization, final assembly, light manufacturing and kitting, as well as direct ship and dynamic merge in transit.

The result is that 3PLs and 4PLs become more valuable to their customers and more tightly integrated into their overall supply chain process.


  • First site live within 4 months, rollout to remaining sites ahead of schedule
  • Reduced costs 30% from baseline, avoiding $167M (as of Sept. 2010)
  • Improved service levels with over 96% on-time pickups and deliveries
  • Gross cost savings from historical baseline: 23% – the contract requirement is for 19.1% net in year three

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