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Simplify and transform your healthcare or pharmaceutical supply chain and drive value with One Network’s global drug fulfillment service on the Real Time Value Network.

“After intensive research and evaluation, Sinopharm Logistics came to the conclusion that One Network is one of the very few solutions which provides on-line, real time supply chain optimization.” Sinopharm | Healthcare and PharmaceuticalsMadam Cheng, General Manager of Sinopharm Logistics

One Network’s cloud platform provides an end-to-end operating backbone that supports some of the world’s most complex supply chains in pharmaceutical and healthcare. By connecting to One Network’s “many-to-many” network environment, organizations can manage planning, execution, and transactions across tens of thousands of their trading partners, hospitals, and pharmacies, while gaining the ability to see and respond to the needs of their customers and patients in real time.

This service leverages One Network’s powerful cloud platform, the Real Time Value Network™, to manage all aspects of the replenishment, chain of custody, and global distribution processes related to medical shipments. All organizations involved, including manufacturers, NGOs, government agencies, and hospitals, can track and manage demand, orders, inventory, and shipments in real time as products flow through the network and across international borders.

For the first time, pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations can manage demand, supply, and logistics processes as a community of trading partners focused on serving the end patient, delivering improved service and maximizing patient outcomes.

One Network Powers the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain in Rwanda

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