Automotive Supply Chain for OEMs & Tiered Suppliers

With unprecedented change sweeping the automotive industry, it’s more important than ever to achieve breakthrough performance through digital transformation of the automotive supply chain.

Thousands of companies including automotive and industrial suppliers, OEMs, carriers and freight forwarders are already on the Real Time Value Network.

The Digital Advantage for Automotive Supply Chains

One Network’s cloud platform provides a single, real-time, end-to-end operating backbone with intelligent agents that manage planning, execution, and orchestrate transactions across OEMs, all supplier tiers, dealers and logistics providers. The result is unprecedented visibility and control across your automotive supply chain, lower inventory, and increased agility, while reducing total system cost to deploy, maintain, and support. Watch the Real Time Value Network in action. Learn how automotive companies can collaborate in real time, to improve service and reduce costs and speed up the supply chain.

Video: The Perfect Storm – The RTVN in Action

“The actual results for inventory reduction that we have realized is double the goal that we initially set out to achieve and we identified specific products where inventory reduction could be reduced by 40 percent or more.” Doug Lair, global director of material and logistics, Dana Commercial Vehicle Driveline Technologies

Automotive and Industrial Solutions

Connect. Collaborate. Optimize. Execute.
“One Networks marries planning and execution applications into one console to provide end-to-end supply chain visibility for course correction; thereby, eliminating the traditional divide between planning and execution. The RTVN enables visibility and data to flow across the entire value chain of business partners – in real-time, which brings supply chain visibility and performance to an entirely new level.”Seth Lippincott, Nucleus Research

One Network is the leader in control tower technology that drives tremendous operational efficiency improvements. This solution provides end-to-end visibility across your business and your partner network including visibility to on-hand and projected inventory for all suppliers at all tiers in your network; visibility to all transactions such as orders, shipments and invoices; and visibility to system alerts, alarms, and exceptions.

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This solution enables a best-in-class process with multi-scenario analysis for consensus demand and supply planning. The solution enables you to continuously review demand and supply resources and adjust the plan quantitatively. The solution creates planned orders (instead of guesses), nets these orders against inventory and creates operational plans (i.e. distribution, logistics, production plan and raw material plans) to meet demand. The process is bi-directional and matches demand to supply in a multi-echelon, multi-party value network while considering all capacity and material constraints.

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One Network’s Integrated Inbound solution is the only offering that delivers synchronized capabilities across orders, supply chain and logistics in a single solution. The solution dramatically reduces inventory and carrying costs, reduces the logistics premium freight and expedites, and lowers the IT expense by enabling the end-to-end inbound process from forecasting, inventory netting, forecast collaboration and discrete order collaboration to transport orders, advance ship notices, shipping, track and trace, receiving, and invoicing.

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One Network’s Outbound Fulfillment is an end to end solution for order fulfillment in Business to Consumer (B2C) as well as Business to Business (B2B) settings. It provides comprehensive planning and execution capabilities for order allocation to channels, order promising and fulfillment execution. The solution continuously orchestrates execution for you and your trading partners optimizing for demand/supply priority, inventory positions of the demand sites, available and capable to promise supply, logistics capacity, and air and freight schedules.

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This solution provides visibility and drives execution efficiency across the network by orchestrating the optimized fulfillment of aftermarket parts orders from suppliers through a distribution network to dealers and stores. Freight audit capability ensures that the right contract rates have been applied for lowest operating costs.

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ONE Platform is an application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS) and is designed for multi-party network ecosystems from the ground up. ONE Platform development tools enable rapid development of innovative, supportable, Software-as-as-Service (SaaS) applications for business networks. Shorten your software development lifecycle using our aPaaS.

Join Developer Network (DevNet), our developer community, to learn and build on ONE Platform, exchange ideas, leverage shareware, and market your apps. Amplify the value of your services and applications by deploying on a large fast growing business network.

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RTVN 18.0: Highlights for Automotive