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Proven Industry Operating Backbones provide full visibility and control

“We chose One Network’s cloud platform because it could rapidly scale across our business and trading partners and synchronize multiple technology systems and processes, while helping us identify and execute on cost-saving opportunities.”DanaZack Mozingo, Global Demand Driven Supply Chain Manager, Dana

Today, leaders from a diverse set of industries including CPG, Retail, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Logistics, and Government space are using our platform together with their trading partners to satisfy their end customer. How can we support so many industries?

The answer is we offer industry models in our platform that support the unique processes, data formats, and transaction sets found in a particular industry, and models all industry participants. On top of these cores, our community members have used the modules we supply, made available through the One Network Ecosystem, or built their own.

No longer do you need to change your processes to accommodate the technology.

Enterprise Software at a Crossroads— Extend Your Legacy Systems with an Extensible Architecture

One Network is not a standard commercial-off-the-shelf-(COTS) vendor. COTS products are monolithic, slow to deploy, and disconnected from the rest of your legacy systems. With COTS, it typically takes two years to finish even a modest project. That is why COTS are increasingly being perceived by the market as tired and old. By the time our customers find us, they are often hundreds of millions of dollars into their investment with no end in sight. The market demands a different approach.

To learn more about our industry approach, see these case studies and white papers.

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