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Refer Customers to One Network and Receive Commissions

New business opportunities are emerging as cloud solutions gain traction

Generate revenue with referrals to a rich, multi-party aPaaS platform.

Registering and Tracking Leads

The referral program allows partners to earn commissions for referring potential customers to One Network. The commission amount is 10% of 1st year net SaaS revenue. The following conditions must be met in order for the partner to be eligible for the commissions:

  1. The lead must be registered, active and associated with the partner.
  2. The partner must introduce One Network to key decision makers employed or under contract with the potential customer.
  3. A SaaS license deal is signed between One Network and the referred customer.
  4. The SaaS contract is signed within 12 months of lead registration approval date.

One Network maintains a lead registry that tracks:

  1. Lead Status
  2. Lead Registration Time
  3. Referral Partner
  4. Sales Account Owner
  5. Customer contacts introduced to One Network by the Referral Partner
  6. Deal Status
  7. Deal Close Date
  8. First Year SaaS Revenue Amount

How It Works

The One Network alliance and sales team review lead registration requests to ensure that the lead is not already engaged with One Network or another partner. On approval by the team the lead will be assigned to the referral partner for a period of 1 year.

Referral partners may aid the sales team to help improve the odds of closing a deal but this is not necessary to collect commissions.

Commissions are paid to the referral partner 30 days after the first cash receipts are received by One Network from the customer.

Upon joining the referral program an alliance program manager will be assigned to manage lead registration, provide status updates and to facilitate collaboration with the One Network sales team the lead is assigned to.
The registry is updated monthly and is available upon request by contacting your assigned alliance program manager. Lead registration requests are to be sent to your assigned alliance program manager.

Commissions are not paid on renewals or subsequent SaaS deals closed after the first SaaS deal unless the partner re-registers the lead, approval is granted, and the lead is re-activated for the partner.

Referral partners should be familiar with One Network SaaS solutions, aPaaS capabilities and business network concepts. Referral partners have access to quarterly sales training, online resources and partner communities.

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