Transformation Solutions for the New Services and Circular Economy

Enable new business models and networks to ensure resources are used in a more sustainable way while exceeding your customer’s expectations.

Multi-Party aPaaS Business Solution

Tailor solutions for fast changing business models

One Network’s cloud technology and multi party approach is designed to allow companies to migrate off of their legacy IT systems and leverage capabilities designed to enable tailored fit for purpose solutions, drive continuous improvement and realize competitive advantages business needs to thrive in the new service and circular economies.

One Network partners will work with our unique platform and advanced aPaaS + SaaS services tuned to industry verticals including industry data models, workflows, analytics, optimization engines, scalable grid services, mobile, social and multi party business collaboration and transaction technologies. This approach is unlocking new solution approaches and delivering value far beyond what traditional ERP and Planning solutions are capable of.

Business models are changing faster and often have shorter life spans than ERP (and Cloud ERP) implementation deployment times! It is impossible for IT and ERP Solution providers to keep up with new business requirements when the time it takes to customize vanilla COTS solutions to be useful for the business is longer than the business model lifespan. This confounding situation has given rise to IT embracing micro services (Docker and Containers for example) as a stop gap band aid solution to avoid becoming completely irrelevant to the business. But the real problems IT faces stem from back end ERP systems designed for use by one enterprise on static business models that IT cannot change fast enough to meet the demands of new fast changing business models.

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Alliance Partner Types

Partners can sign on to any combination of alliance partner programs. There are no fees for signing up. One Network promotes partnerships that align with our philosophy of using business networks with aPaaS and SaaS technologies to provide transformative solutions. There are four alliance categories:

Consulting Partner

The consulting partner program is for companies that wish to provide customers with guidance on when to consider One Network and optionally provide BPO services, managed services, solution and deployment consulting services on One Network and/or ISV SaaS applications and solutions.

ISV Partner

The ISV program is for partners that wish to modify, extend or write new applications on the ONE Network platform. 3rd party developed applications can be licensed to customers. The ISV has control over pricing, features, etc… for their applications.

VAR Partner

The VAR program is for partners that wish to resell One Network SaaS applications and bundle them with value added services provided by the partner.

Referral Partner

The Referral program is for partners that wish to provide customer leads, in return for a lead referral commission, to One Network but will not be involved in the sales or delivery stages of One Network solutions to the referred customer.

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