Disruption: ERP and Networks – Question and Answer with Greg Brady

How businesses can digitize and disrupt without starting from zero

In this brief video, Greg Brady, CEO of One Network Enterprises, discusses a major problem with the way companies do business today.

Why is there this total lack of customer-focus? And how do you solve it?

In a question and answer session with SandHill.com, Brady discusses the reasons we’re in this situation, and how companies can join the digital transformation to be consumer-centric and much more efficient.

Q & A: How Network Platforms Are Disrupting ERP and Supply Chains

Editor’s note: Companies are turning to network platform solutions that are disrupting existing supply chain and ERP solutions. And it’s no wonder – network platforms deliver greater value and slash the total cost of ownership. In this interview, Greg Brady, founder and CEO of One Network, explains that these solutions are not just about technology; they also create a new business model. He also discusses the “Network Effect” and shares some case examples of the value delivered to companies adopting these solutions.   

As a former executive with i2 Technologies, Oracle and J.D. Edwards, you have been involved in the supply chain/ERP space for years. What drove you to launch One Network? 

Greg Brady: After speaking to hundreds of organizations, what became clear is that while all businesses exist to serve end consumers, the parties that make this possible are not working together on that common goal. I wanted to create true consumer-driven communities. But the only way to do that is to connect all business partners to a common cloud-based platform or “network.”

How is a network platform different from a legacy ERP or supply chain solution? 

Greg Brady: A network platform breaks through longstanding flaws in traditional enterprise systems, thereby delivering hyper agility at drastically lower costs.

What are the flaws? 

Greg Brady: Traditional ERP solutions have three fundamental flaws…

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