What’s Next After Supply Chains?

Trouble ahead for companies still thinking about their “supply chains” as new model promises superior performance

One Network’s Adeel Najmi on Supply Chains and Disruption in Supply Chain Brain

Supply Chain Brain: Break Away From Antiquated Supply Chains

Supply Chain Brain: What's Next After Supply Chains? For over a decade, many companies have attempted to build elaborate networks by connecting supply chain partners and their systems. Unfortunately, most have simply re-implemented the same old business processes that have been designed for the chain paradigm. While connecting partners in this traditional sense may have resulted in modest incremental performance gains, there are huge opportunities yet to be seized. This is because most are still locked into the chain paradigm and are held back from realizing the full benefits of networks.

More specifically, there are two fundamental flaws from the old “chain” paradigm that linger on:

Single Enterprise Silos: Thinking in terms of chains has led users to build single enterprise silos linked in pairs as an afterthought.

Sequential Batch Processes: Thinking in terms of chains perpetuates batch processes with sequential waterfall information flows.

Let’s use a familiar cell phone contact management apps example to illustrate the limitation…

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