Greg Brady on Supply Chain Collaboration in Supply Chain Brain

Supply Chain BrainGreg Brady, One Network Founder and CEO, has an article in Supply Chain Brain on the dismal state of supply chain collaboration today, and how technology can propel us forward. A brief extract of the article appears below.

At its best, “supply chain collaboration” today is a mere buzzword with little substance. At its worst, collaboration has actually increased overall supply chain risk and instability as more powerful trading partners have pushed inventory and costs on their weaker suppliers.

The end-to-end supply chain dream has been around for decades now, but despite all the “collaboration” out there, by almost every measure progress has stalled. The key indicators of supply chain health—out-of-stocks, days-of-supply, and operational costs—remain largely the same. The burning question that we all need to be asking ourselves is, “How do we go about redesigning an entire value chain from end-to-end for productive collaboration?” Which way forward?

I believe that technology helps us answer this question in two key ways…

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