Improving the Consumer Electronics Supply Chain

Applying Demand-Driven Practices to Reduce Lead Times

Consumer Electronics Supply ChainThe consumer electronics industry is characterized by high degrees of new product introduction, relatively short product life cycles, supplier variability, high levels of competition, and required speed to markets. Companies producing or selling consumer electronics products must compete not only on the price, quality, and features of their products, but also on related customer service strategies. Developing appealing products is essential, but if they are not supplied to customers when, where, and how they want them, electronics manufacturers and distributors will under perform.

Supply chain capabilities are key to delivering on the consumer electronics industry’s value proposition (i.e., why customers will buy our products). Supply chains must provide the right products, to the right places, and in the right quantities, or sales will be lost, and operating margins will be limited.

Topics Covered In this White Paper

  • The Value Drivers of Consumer Electronics Supply Chains
  • The Anatomy of Actual Lead Time
  • Why Does System Lead Time (SLT) Remain a Problem?
  • How to Reduce or Eliminate SLT
  • The Demand-Driven Operations Strategy at Work
  • The Right Path Forward

Improving the Consumer Electronics Supply Chain