Transforming Military Logistics

Military Logistics White PaperTransforming Military Logistics White Paper

During the twentieth century, supply chains across both the public and private sectors changed considerably as both the market demands and sourcing opportunities expanded around the world to become a truly global challenge.

Complex Global Military Supply Chains

Supply chains increased considerably in their complexity as more and more parties, and geographical tiers became involved and the strain on resources stretched these extended logistics to breaking point. This is a huge challenge.

Supply Chain Collaboration and Innovation Required

With increased strain on the military to support large overseas operations, and the pressure from Government to reduce defense spending, transformation has already begun within military supply chain. However, the applications are not in place to support the collaboration and innovation required to move from the traditional military model to more agile supply chain. New technology is changing that.

Learn how One Network’s demand-driven multi-party solutions are enabling transformation across global military logistics.

Transforming Military Logistics with a real-time supply chain

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